Lorenzo Sanders

UC Santa Barbara
Chemical Engineering

Programmatic Temperature Stabilization via Labjack I/O

The goal of the research laboratory I’m in is to build an experimental apparatus capable of observing molecules in a single quantum state. The planned experimental apparatus has a laser that needs to emit at certain wavelengths to be able to indicate where the ion being observed is. To accomplish this the laser is shot through a cavity of a specific length so it creates the right wavelength to observe the ion. Temperature change results in small changes in the length of material and this phenomenon are called thermal expansion. Small changes in the cavity the laser goes through can cause the wavelength to change and this change will make the positions of the ions undetectable. Therefore a constant temperature is needed to be maintained. My research project is about implementing the use of the LabJack U3 into the experimental apparatus for the temperature control needed. I have been taking measurements and writing code to create a PID feedback loop to be used with the LabJack U3 that keeps the experimental apparatus at a constant temperature.


UC Santa Barbara Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships UCSB California NanoSystems Institute