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Assessing Virtual Environments as Measures of Navigation Ability
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Machine learning for molecular property prediction
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Smart Charging Algorithm for Electric Vehicles
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The role large marine herbivores play in coral reef resiliency and recovery in Palmyra Atoll
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The role of extracellular matrix protein type on human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte's sarcomere function


Using Optogenetic Systems to Map Out Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Living Cells
Kinetically Charaterizing Enzymes Found in Anaerobic Fungi
Analyzing the Stability of Native and Nonnative Microbial Communities
Modelling a Robotic Octopus Arm for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Unlocking New Functions Within Hydrogels Through Light
Optimizing Electric Vehicle Chargers
Data-Driven Acceleration of the Experimental Synthesis of Quantum Materials
Programmatic Temperature Stabilization via Labjack I/O
Determining Bundle Size in a Microtubule-Kinesin Active Nematic


Behavioral Responses of Cultured White Abalone (Haliotis sorenseni) to Predatory Sea Stars in a Laboratory Experiment
Signaling Dynamics of SMAD Proteins
Path Planning and Tracking for Autonomous Cars
Investigation of Corrugation Modes as a Mechanism for X-Ray Variability
Modeling Opinion Dynamics Using the Affine Boomerang Model
Investigating Differences in Degrees Traveled as a Measure of Path Integration in Spatial Navigation between Age and Sex
Single and Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in the Classic Snake Game Environment
Analyzing the Genetic Basis of Dwarfism in an Alpine Plant
Binge-drinking Induced Negative Affect and Molecular Irregularities in C57BL/6J Mice
Using Updated Health Care Data to Build Predictive Model on Hospital Readmission Rate


Identifying 750 Million Year Old Fossils
Development of Vine-Inspired Robot for Intestinal Endoscopy
Using the Antarctic Rock Record to Better Understand Supercontinent Amalgamation 1.7 Billion Years Ago
Fluid Control System for Hydraulic Actuated Textile
SAFFRON: Targeting Efficiently
Studying the Effectiveness of RNA Riboswitches
Construction of a Tapered Amplifier for Use in Ultracold Atom Experiments
Optimal Radio Wave Distance for Interstellar Communication
Effects of binge-drinking on motivational valence of methamphetamine addiction in C57BL/6J female mice
Oxidation of Calix[4] Pyrrole through a cis-Uranyl Intermediate
Applying Haptic Touch Amplification in Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments


How Effective will the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope be for Studying Supernovae?
The Role of Apoptosis in Polycystic Kidney Disease
The Synthesis of Bimetallic Cryptand Complexes for Ammonia Oxidation
Finding the Fountain of Youth by Uncovering the Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Aging
The Role of TRP Channels in a Decision-Making Neural Circuit
Reconstructing Parrotfish Tooth Size Distributions Over Millennia and Across Ocean Basins
Investigating the Functional Roles of Delta-Catenin Protein
The Nile Rat as a Pre-clinical Model for Diabetic Retinopathy
Constructing an Optical Magnetometer for the Detection of Dark Matter
Parasite Diversity and Burden in Relation to Diet Than to Sex in a Hermaphroditic Fish (Haliochoeres semicinctus)
Calibrating Mechanical Amplifiers of DNA Bend Dynamics


Connections to the Beginning: Circuit Boards for CERN
Magnetic and Electronic Transitions in a Highly-Doped Mott Insulator
Light Controlled Delivery of P53 Using Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles
The Effect of WDR5B on Cell Adhesion in Cancer Metastasis
Aptamer Directed Synergistic Drug Delivery
How Winds and Sea Level Differences Control Coastal Ocean Currents
Reacting CMAS with Yttrium Disilicate Environmental Barrier Coating
The Effect of Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change on Tick-borne Disease
Implementing Machine Learning Based Image Recognition for Animal Detection
Regulation of Microtubule Stability by a Histone Methyltransferase Subunit


Understanding Error Correction Mechanism During Embryo Development by Using C. Elegans Wild Isolates
Electrochemical Production of Nanorod Solar Arrays
δ-catenin Expression in Neural Development
Understanding the Eribulin-Tubulin Interaction Using Sea Urchins
Analyzing Nanoparticle Shape to Infiltrate the Blood Brain Barrier
A Hardware Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard using PyRTL
Synthesis of Small Molecule Foot Protein Mimics
Analyzing the Link between PINK1 and Neurodegenerative Disease Using C. elegans
Analog Readout for Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Arrays
Structural Analysis of the Morphable Mirror Telescope
Studying How Artificial Surfaces Affect Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Spectral Emissivity of Anti-Reflective Moth-Eye Surfaces
Towards a Cis-Uranyl Complex


The role of PHA-­4/FoxA transcription factor in establishing the cellular context for in vivo forced transdifferentiation
Building A Radio Frequency Acousto-optic Modulator Driver
Engineering Nanoparticle Shape For Targeting Cancer Cells
Characterizing Peptide-Antibody Interactions for Disease Detection
Characterization of Rare Earth Doped III-V Thermoelectric Materials
Mechanical Properties Of Microtubules Under Various Chemical Conditions


Developing Sample Holders for Ultrafast Electron Spin Resonance
Engineered Enzyme Mimics for Detergents
Catalytic Activity of Vanadium Oxide Nano-clusters
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Analysis and Development of Meal Detection Algorithm for the Artificial Pancreas
Characterization of X-Ray Beam Profile Defined by Scatterless Slits Using a Pixel Array Detector
Identifying and Massing Galaxies at Medium Distance


DNA Characterization in a NanoChannel
The Effect of Iron Localization on Mussel Thread Strength
Cosmic Foreground Explorer: A Balloon-Borne Study of the Cosmic Microwave Background
Self-Assembly of the Catalytic Formation of Three-Arm Junctions in DNA
Quantum Attacks on Knapsack Cryptosystems
Optical Properties of Cephalopod Skin
Phosphorylation Regulates the Cytoplasmic Tail of Polycystin-1 in a Rheostat-like Manner


Robotic Arm Simulator and RRT Motion Planning
Microcantilevers as Mass Sensors
UC Santa Barbara Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships UCSB California NanoSystems Institute